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Touch of Romance: Create Dreamy Looks with Georgette fabric
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Touch of Romance: Create Dreamy Looks with Georgette fabric

Considered a symbol of royalty, Georgette is a flowy lightweight fabric. It has a sheer texture and dull finish giving it an ultimate vintage appeal. Georgette is vibrant and can be availed in myriad colors known to the fashion world.

Here’s a little ode to our most loved fabric for its utmost flexibility, versatility, and creativity.

Origin of Georgette

Georgette isn’t an ancient fabric. It was invented at the beginning of the 19th century by Madame Georgette de la Plante. This french designer was the artistic mind behind georgette and hence the fabric is named after her. Georgette is inspired by chiffon, a fabric of the same family group. Chiffon however is transparent compared to georgette that’s opaque and translucent.

Georgette Fabric

Georgette is a woven fabric created using twisted S and Z yarns. It is usually made of silk and is regarded as pure georgette. However, semi-synthetic variants of georgette made with different fabric blends are also available in the market. Such georgette is equally gorgeous, however, cost-effective. The only difference between pure and synthetic georgette is in the texture. Pure georgettes are extremely soft, while synthetic georgettes have a slightly rough finish.

Georgette is highly absorbent and hence can be dyed easily. Today, georgette is available in a variety of different types, in millions of different colors, prints, and styles. Georgette has high durability and could hold the embroidery very well. Hence, it is often used as a base fabric for heavy embroidery dresses.

Georgette was adorned by the ladies of an aristocratic family in the early 19th century. In the later part of the century, the fabric gained popularity among the common man. The drapes of georgette are indeed romantic and make for a perfect choice for heavy gowns and dresses.

Versatility of Georgette

There is an extensive variety of georgette available in the market. A few of the most popular variants include pure georgette, Satin georgette, viscose georgette, polyester georgette as well as jacquard georgette. The fabric has found its extensive use in garments and the home decor world.

Pure georgette fabric feels dreamy when the sheen of silk is paired beautifully with the twisty, bumpy georgette aesthetic. If you are looking for pure georgette fabric and pure printed georgette fabric for your designing studios, boutiques, or self-designing; check out our offerings at Vogzy. We have a curated collection of pure georgette fabrics, plain georgette fabrics, ready-to-dye fabrics, and printed fabrics like floral georgette fabrics.

Georgette Fabric is available in brilliant shades. They can be printed easily and hence is appropriate for bringing exquisite prints to reality. From florals, and geometric to tie-dye; georgette and its gorgeous prints deserve appreciation in the fashion world.

Georgette style inspirations

Georgette is easy to sew and offers an elegant structure to your designs. They are extensively used in designing Indian wear embroidered sarees, gowns, suits, and dresses. We also have embroidered georgette fabrics available with us.

Georgette Fabric is so versatile and flexible that it makes a perfect choice for any flowy but structured silhouette. Georgette doesn’t bulge making it perfect for modern minimalist fashion.

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All in all, georgette offers endless possibilities in the creative world. This brilliant fabric is perfect for hot and humid weather and its elegance makes it perfect for the fashion world.



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