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5 Things Every Fashion Enthusiast Must Know About Satin Crepe Fabric

5 Things Every Fashion Enthusiast Must Know About Satin Crepe Fabric

Crepe satin is a two-faced fabric popularly known as crepe back satin in the fashion world. The fabric is reversible and features satin on one side and crepe on the other side. It has a silky, lustrous texture of satin and a matte texture of crepe. Versatile enough, right? 

Satin crepe has made its irrevocable place in people’s hearts. And for all the right reasons. After all, who wouldn’t love the sheer elegance of satin with the structural finesse of crepe? Satin crepe drapes like a dream and holds the shape of a garment, accentuating the curves and offering a phenomenal flow. 

Here are 5 things about satin crepe you might love to know. 

1. It’s not a beginner’s fabric

Stain crepe is difficult to work with. While the slippery texture feels heavenly over the skin, this slinky material takes years of mastery to sew properly. Working with satin crepe needs expertise so that the material doesn't fall flat. This is because the satin crepe isn’t compatible with needle holes making it prone to sewing errors. Moreover, inefficiencies in crafting the garment would create puckered seams making it seem ludicrous. 

The delicate satin crepe fabric needs extensive care to avoid thread pulls and surface aberrations. 

2. Luxury feel

The fabric has a silky soft texture because of its unique weaving technique making the satin ribbons float above others. This lightweight fabric is wrinkle-resistant. The satin feels luxurious and elegant with its luminous shine. It’s perfect for sewing gowns, shirts, dresses, and flowy garments. Moreover, satin crepe is perfect for crafts like wedding flowers and decor. 

This luxury fabric is popular amongst designers playing with elegant silhouettes. 

3. Satin requires precautions

The delicate satin requires various precautions to practice. 

  • Jewelry and watches might create surface aberrations and hence care must be practiced. 
  • To avoid the satin silky texture from slipping away, use ample setting pins. 
  • Pinking shears should be used to avoid raveling of satin fabric. 
  • Protocols must be followed to sew satin crepe on a machine. 
  • Firmness is crucial to hold the fabric in place. 

4. Special care for embellishments

Satin is very delicate to handle. Even contact with large sharp nails creates harm to the fabric. 

  • Craft glue should be used to paste embellishments on satin. 
  • Heavy embellishments like beads, sequins, and rhinestones should be placed underneath the different fabrics. This will avoid direct contact with satin and won’t weigh down the fabric. 

5. Unique Weaving

The satin crepe fabric features satin in front and crepe on the back. The satin side features synthetic, silk, or blended fabric. To retain the luster of fabric, handwash and dry clean it. 

All in all, it is a figure-hugging fabric and brings out the silhouette of garments beautifully. The material is breathable and perfect for summer. The elegance of satin is renowned. Satin crepe simply accentuates the elegance quotient with its versatility. 

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