White Dyeable Pure Viscose Georgette

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Color: Aqua
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Vogzy's Viscose Georgette fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer cloth with a grainy feel. Its tear and crease resistant features make it highly durable. Its high absorbency makes it an easily dyed fabric, making it a popular fabric for vibrant prints and colors. It has a high colorfastness and even dries easily.  The breathable, all-climate fabric can be worn all year round but is especially suited for spring and summer.

Georgette Fabric is woven in highly twisted yarns, which makes it slightly rough to the touch. Since georgette can be made of all kinds of fibers, its properties and wearability vary a bit. If you prefer to wear natural fabrics, Vogzy's Viscose georgette should be your go-to option. Due to the bounciness of its drape, it is suitable for tailoring dresses, tops, or skirts, as well as for layering over other garments.

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