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Raw Silk Fabric Online

Silk is manufactured from the cocoons of silkworm larvae. Since 3630 BC, silk has been known as a luxurious fabric. The fabric made from pure silk is known as raw silk or dupioni silk fabric. It is the purest form of silk. One quality that makes it different from other silk based fabrics is its texture. Unlike other silk based fabrics, Raw silk has a slightly rough texture. It has a robust appearance and a gentle drape, which makes it ideal for bridal wear and clothes for special occasions.

Type of Raw Silk Fabric

Dupioni or raw silk is a plain weave fabric with a crisp appearance. It can be woven into multiple types of patterns including plaid, striped, floral or other intrinsic, intricate designs. Even though it has a slightly rough texture as compared to other silk and running fabric, it can still be embroidered in any desirable manner. The other types of available raw silk fabric online are printed raw silk fabric, blended silk fabric, silk jacquard fabric, and many more.

Variations of Colors Available in Raw Silk Fabric Online India

Due to its unique texture Raw silk can be easily dyed into multiple colors as desired by the craftsman. At Vogzy, you can find a wide range of colors available in raw silk fabrics including black raw silk fabric, navy blue raw silk fabric, Indigo raw silk fabric, Lemon Green Raw Silk Fabric, pink raw silk fabric, white raw silk fabric, multicolored raw silk fabric and much more. You also have the option to buy dyeable fabric in  raw silk material from our store and give it the color of your choice.

Why Vogzy is the Best Store to Buy Raw Silk Fabric

At Vogzy, all our fabrics are handcrafted from natural and biodegradable sources. Free from harmful chemicals, they are as soothing to the environment as they are soothing for your skin. We have a wide range of raw silk fabrics at prices that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. Our fabrics are available in vibrant yet pleasing color palettes and designs due to our extensive sourcing of naturally sourced yarns and dyes that are used to make our products. Combining comfort with elegance, our fabrics will make sure that you feel comfortable from the inside while looking your best.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Is the Difference Between Raw Silk and Silk?

Raw silk is silk in its most natural form. Raw silk fabric is woven from unprocessed yarn and has a slightly uneven, rough texture, unlike other silk fabrics.

2. Is Raw Silk Real Silk?

Yes, raw silk is in fact the purest form of silk with 100% silk concentration.

3. How Much Does Raw Silk Cost?

The cost depends on the type of fabric you choose. We have a wide range of raw silk fabrics starting from Rs. 129/mtr.

4. Is Raw Silk Better?

Depends upon your usage. If you’re looking to get the purest form of silk then you might go for it. However, if you want the smoothness and fine texture of silk, then you might want to consider other options as raw silk has a slightly rough texture to it.

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