All About your Favorite Modal Fabric

Modal silk is a cellulosic fiber that is produced from beech tree extracts. The cellulose obtained from the beech trees is spun by hand into beautiful modal silk fabric.

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Modal fabric is a soft, flowing, and highly lustrous cloth renowned for its durability and sleek texture. Buy modal fabric from Vogzy’s collection of digitally printed contemporary and quirky designs dipped in pop hues or rustic Ajrak prints done in earthy tones when creating your Modal dress fabric selections.

Modal Fabrics are Breathable, Sweat Absorbent, and Non-Sticky. The Fibers have a Slight sheen to them that gives the garments an even more elegant appearance. Modal fabric is exceptionally smooth and elegant. As a result, Modal Silk is frequently used in many areas. It also has a high Flow, making it even more popular.

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