Wax is applied to the fabric in specific parts during a wax resist printing method. The fabric is soaked in dye when the wax hardens. The wax prevents the dye from seeping into the fibers. Visit vogzy.com for Buy Batik Fabric Online or for more information about hand-printed batik

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A batik cloth in your wardrobe symbolizes the high-class lifestyle you enjoy. Make this collection your own on religious holidays. Vogzy’s palette of hues will pique your interest and inspire you to imagine more. The pleasant combination of light and dark is known to stimulate the intellect. Vogzy provides a wide selection of alternatives for you to explore. Explore more Batik Fabrics Online through vogzy.com

Batik Print Fabric – Vogzy

Vogzy is the best place to find the finest quality printed batik texture pure cotton fabric for dress and suits online at best price. Vogzy offers a wide range of fabrics with unique prints, patterns, colors that are perfect for your next garment sewing project. Buy fabric from vogzy now!

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