Upada Silk

Everything you Need to Know About Uppada Silk

What is Uppada Silk?

Uppada Silk is a beautiful fabric manufactured using the traditional Jamdani technique. Jamdani technique is a traditional technique that uses non-mechanical handwoven methods to make pure lace by dipping silver zari in melted gold. This pure lace is then used to make the magnificent Uppada Silk fabric. Due to its intricate craftsmanship, some of the Uppada Silk sarees can even take up to 60 days to be made.

History of Uppada Silk

With its origins in a small town called Uppada in Andhra Pradesh, clothes made from Uppada fabrics have taken the fashion world by storm. Uppada Handloom Silk has a rich cultural heritage. The handwoven silk sarees are made using non-mechanical methods, and because of this, the process is time taking. The uniqueness of the Uppada Saree lies in the wide silk borders, which have been very carefully designed. These sarees are renowned for their intricate weaving patterns, unique weaves, and superior quality.

Usage of Uppada Silk

Owing to its intricate craftsmanship and designs, Uppada Silk is mostly used for making clothing items for special occasions. Although it can be used to stitch different types of lehengas, skirts, tunics, dresses, and suits, the most famous usage of Uppada Silk is in Sarees. Uppada Silk Sarees are one of the most desired Sarees all over the world. Pure zari is used in the weaving of Uppada silk sarees, making them ideal for ethnic fashion. These sarees require a significant amount of work from the weavers. As this art is done solely by hand without any mechanical help, it takes around two months before an excellent piece of work is finished. Because of this, Uppada sarees carry a hefty price tag on them and are mostly used on special occasions. The beautiful material and intricate craftsmanship make clothes made from Uppada silk fabric an excellent choice for any event, wedding, or ceremony.

Features that make Uppada Silk different from others

Due to the use of silver and zari threads and intricate craftsmanship, Uppada Silk is lightweight and durable. The intricate zari work gives it a shimmering appearance and an elegant appeal that few can match. It has a semi-transparent appearance which makes it ideal for special occasions. Uppada Silk fabric has a dry touch and a little stiff texture that gives it a unique flow and structure.

uppada silk

Care Instructions

Like other silk fabrics, Uppada Silk’s texture and color can be maintained by taking special care. Although a dry clean is preferred, it can also be hand-washed gently using cold water to preserve its beautiful structure and prints. One should stay away from harsh detergents and fabric softeners to preserve the unique elegance of Uppada Silk fabric.

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