Russian Silk

Everything You Need to Know About Russian Silk Fabric

What is Russian Silk

Contrary to popular beliefs, Russian Silk is not a naturally occurring fabric. It is synthetically manufactured from viscose material. It is basically a smooth and crisp fabric made out of silk yarn. The Russian silk structure varies vastly due to differences in the type of yarn (monofilaments, combination, twisted, textured, fancy, cut, and filaments from different cloth fibers) and the type of weaves. Russian Silk is a type of silk fabric that is known for its durability and high quality. It is the most popular fabric for making Indian ethnic wear like sarees, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, and more.

History of Russian Silk

Although there’s no clear consensus on the origins of Russian Silk fabric, the usage of Silk in Russia dates back to the early 19th century when Russian Silk shawls were very famous. These shawls were created in the factory of Pavlov Posad, and the traditional shawls that originated here are still very famous in Russia.


Russian Silk fabric has different features based on the treatment given to the yarn while manufacturing. Russian Silk is given different shades through bleaching, dyeing, printing, or yarn-dyeing. The fabric can also be given an embossed finish depending on the usage.

1. Plain Russian Silk Fabric

Plain Russian silk fabric can be used for multiple purposes, with its lustrous and candescent texture. The different types of yarns give it different characteristics like nebulousness, soft-touch, & sheerness. It’s a featherlight fabric and is extremely comfortable to wear.

2. Dyeable Russian Silk Fabric

The Dyeable Russian Silk fabric has a nearly opaque appearance and slightly dry touch. It is veritably popular among fashionistas and fashion houses. It has a beautiful tone- structure, and an elegant shine which makes it ideal for different types of formal and wedding apparel.

Care Instructions

Like other silk fabrics, special care must be taken to preserve the beautiful structure and texture of Russian Silk. The two most common methods are dry clean and hand-washed using cold water. Be careful not to use extremely hot water or harsh detergents on the fabric.


The sheerness and soft texture properties make Russian Silk a very versatile fabric. Due to its versatile nature, it can be used to make lots of different types of clothing and household items like suits, sarees, curtains, wall-covers, etc.

1. Suit

Russian Silk’s shining texture and opaque appearance make it a versatile fabric. Gorgeous suits can be made using these characteristics of Russian Silk. Russian silk suits are super-comfortable to wear and are veritably featherlight. Its versatility makes it ideal for making both casual and formal types of suits.


2. Saree

Russian Silk’s beautiful tone- structure, and sheerness make it an ideal fabric for making gorgeous Indian wear, including Sarees. The elegance and comfort add a different charm to Russian Silk Sarees. No matter what the occasion, Sarees made from Russian Silk fabric will help you bedazzle any event.

3. Household items

Russian Silk is a versatile fabric. Its different texture and sheerness make it stand apart in a crowd. Its versatility makes it ideal not just for casual or formal clothing but also for a variety of household items. If you see around you, Russian Silk fabric is widely used in curtains and wall covers. Its other uses include quilt-making, patch-up jobs, and other home items.

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