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Everything that you need to know about Gaji Silk Fabric

What is Gaji Silk?

Used extensively to make tie & dye Sarees in Gujarat, the Gaji Silk fabric is a traditional fabric from the western part of India. Gaji Silk is a lightweight and soft fabric that has a smooth surface. It is mainly made by handloom and handspun, which adds a rich texture to the fabric. In the Indian subcontinent, it is used to make traditional and modern garments like dresses, gowns, shirtings, suits, and overcoats. It can give any look a lavish feel and appearance. The pure Gaji silk fabric is a handwoven textile that is made with a combination of cotton and silk threads. Crafted using a satin weave with rayon warp and cotton weft, the fabric carries a glossy finish. The fabric has a textured feel with a lustrous look on one side and a normal cotton surface on the other.

History of Gaji Silk

Gaji silk originated as a coarse fabric that was similar to khaddar. Due to its coarse texture, in the earlier days, it was used to manufacture winter clothing for poor people. This fabric is also used extensively in the Jail industry, where prisoners make beautiful clothes made from Gaji Silk fabric.

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Features That Make Gaji Silk Different from Others

Some of the qualities of this fabric include a slightly dry touch, greater durability, and a delightful texture. The fabric is used in the creation of beautiful sarees and dresses for special occasions. The intricate craftsmanship and usage of satin weave give this fabric a glossy appearance. The fabric also has a beautiful flow and soft structure, which gives it an elegant appeal. Gaji Silk is a soft, lightweight fabric. These features make Gaji Silk a very versatile fabric.

Uses of Gaji Silk

Gaji fabric is made using a strenuous process and hence is also known as the fabric of patience. In Gujarat, this fabric is extensively used for making tie & dye sarees which are very popular all over the country. Gaji silk fabric is used in the creation of beautiful sarees and dresses for special occasions. Owing to its smooth, textured feel and lightweight nature, it is an extremely versatile fabric. It can be used to manufacture clothing items such as shirts, ties, jackets, formal gowns, high-fashion apparel, and many more trendy styles.

Gaji Silk Fabric Online at Vogzy is made from naturally sourced yarns and dyes. Here, you can find the best fabrics in multiple colors and styles. If you’re a fashion designer, you can also buy dyeable Gaji Silk fabric wholesale to create your own unique styles. Printed Gaji Silk Fabric is a perfect choice for Weddings, Festivals, and Pooja. The clothes made from this Gaji Silk fabric will help you slay any event with style and panache.

Care Instructions

Like other silk fabrics, Gaji Silk also requires special care to help maintain its texture and color. This fabric should only be dry cleaned to preserve its unique texture and appearance. Also, one should make sure that the dry-cleaner does not use harsh chemicals to preserve the unique elegance of Gaji Silk fabric.

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