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5 Ways to Use Muslin Fabric - From Fashion to Home Decor

5 Ways to Use Muslin Fabric - From Fashion to Home Decor

The lightweight muslin has been the fashion industry’s favourite for ages. It’s a versatile fabric and unlike the popular opinion, muslin isn’t only one specific variety. The categories of muslin vary greatly from being lightweight and soft to heavy and coarse. The varying versatility of muslin makes it perfect for various industries. Here are 5 ways muslin is prominently used in different industries.

Muslin Fabric for Quilting

Muslin Fabric is popularly used in the home decor industry, specifically in the making of quilts. Muslin is undyed and can be easily dyed to colours of your choice making it perfect for quilts. It can be used as a back for a quilt or sometimes even the entire quilt can be made from it. Muslin is perfect for vibrant, cheerful, royal quilts taking their place in your home.

Muslin Fabric for Cooking

There are multiple ways of using muslin in everyday kitchen tasks.

  • Squeeze the lemon. Muslin works as a strainer.
  • Storing vegetables. Muslin keeps the moisture away and keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh
  • Muslin is popularly used as a cheesecloth while making cheese.

The lightweight muslin is easy to wash and clean making it popular for kitchen uses.

Muslin Fabric for Blankets

Dohar or warm weather blankets keeps the child safe in a stroller from direct heat. Linen makes a perfect choice for making baby blankets. It’s breathable and allows the child to doze off peacefully without creating friction on the skin.

Muslin Fabric for Upholstery

Muslin Fabric is popularly used in the making of fancy and classic upholstery. Linen has a luxurious charm to it. Moreover, the neutral-tone linens look fantastic in home decor projects. Linen upholsteries to cover the sofa, beds, tables and chairs won’t only look elegant but will also enhance the overall decor style.

Muslin Fabric for Beauty

Muslin is highly breathable and hollow. This makes it perfect for washing and cleaning the face. It’s often used to take off makeup and soothe the skin afterwards.

Were you aware of these uses of muslin in different ways? There are varying different ways that muslin could be put to use. Let us know your innovative way in the comment section below.

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